Tuesday, September 13, 2005

MN-grl and MN-gy have made me re-think my non-blog policy; I'll try it. This month is a whole new world for me and those closest to me: Daughter (D) is now on the other side of the continent earning a post-graduate degree at Harvard; son (S) is soon to board the "bye-bye bus", destination Iraq. Both of their S(ignificant) O(thers) remain here, providing love and encouragement to D/S. Hubs and I are now really and truly empty nesters. Except for TheDog. A 3-year old trapped in a dog's body, he's always available to play, cuddle, share our food or go for a ride. A little islet of stability. It's amazing how he still gets so excited about eating the same dog food every day. May we all be that happy every day!